Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My interest in aprons has had some rather wide reaching results. I started to read other peoples blogs with a simple google search of vintage aprons and that has led to me reading and thinking about women's domestic role both now and in the past. I will blog about my first aprons when I figure out how to best photograph them. The apron here is photographed as it is displayed in my home. On the end of the cabinet as you enter my kitchen is a large blank area. I used a 3M command hook to hang up Christmas decorations and realized after the decorations came down that it would be the perfect location to feature my aprons. Doing so brings a little seasonal colour and cheer that does not look incongruous in the kitchen.

This apron has two good sides so I suppose the woman who wore it could turn it around quickly if company showed up. Pockets are an important feature on an apron and a real opportunity for creativity. I had this apron up for most of March and its Spring Freshness made me happy whenever I walked into the kitchen. Which side do you like best?

I put this one up on St. Patrick's Day to share the limelight with the Soda bread. I do wear my aprons but tend to prefer a full apron for everyday. I am a little messy so I tend to save the half aprons for hostess occasions (or when the mood strikes me).

February had this apron on display. It has beautiful embroidery with dimensional appliques. Unfortunately, it has a little fade damage from being exposed to the fluorescent lights in my laundry room. I guess our mistakes are to learn from but I wish it had not been one I love so much.

This sheer hostess number shared the spotlight in February. It is beautifully made and like all the aprons in this post, appears to be handmade. The previous one is behind it to try and highlight the details. I will add these to my flickr soon. If you love these, go to Amy's blog Tie One Onfor some beautiful new and vintage aprons.

Here is a another link to other people's aprons

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Julia said...

OH my you are an apron goddess! I will browse more when I am back from vacation for sure!! :)