Monday, June 1, 2009

My Vintage Kitchen

I do not have a true vintage kitchen as the one original to the house was not salvageable. Some of the houses in our neighborhood still have their original forty year old kitchens but many do not. For us the decision was made for us as the original builder's kitchen was of inferior quality(compared to other features of the house) and was truly falling apart. I do have quite a few utensils and decorative items that are at least as old as the house. I have already posted about some of my vintage cookbooks and will certainly feature more. This latest book, Food in History is supplementary reference to my older cookbooks as well as to the understanding of the importance of food preparation in our history. The cache pot has a sticker Töpferhof -Keramik HANDARBEIT DDR Römhild. Its simple mid-century designs will work well with the red accents in my kitchen.

The tin is marked Fortnum and Mason with the Royal Warrant and probably held biscuits. I like store food in tins or glass when possible and find the autumnal roses charming. My vintage kitchen has many aprons and this is my newest. I love the use of the gingham, ric-rac and orange accent stitching.

The pocket is especially detailed edged with the ric-rac and orange stitching and with the pleating using the check of the fabric (click on the photo to show the details). I have several chicken scratch gingham aprons which I will blog about but this apron has the most interesting use of gingham and ric-rac I have ever seen.

This tablecloth is my latest in my vintage collection. Like our grandmothers, I enjoy a fresh tablecloth in the kitchen and love the homey look it brings. I have a classic eat-in kitchen where the kitchen table is the heart of our home. Changing the tablecloth really gives the kitchen a new look with each colour scheme and pattern. This pattern reminds me of the graphics in my fifties and early sixties cookbooks and I know that I remember seeing wallpaper like it when I was a kid. Using a cheery tablecloth is vintage homemaking idea that is worth bringing back. Soon I will share my vintage utensils and cookbooks with more aprons and tablecloths.


Thrifted Treasure said...

I think vintage elements look great in contemporary kitchens!! We are currently renting but I am constantly downloading inspirational pics for my dream kitchen and collecting vintage pieces for it, maybe someday... :-)

gardener-b said...

Love the gingham apron. I'm still using all my gingham kitchen napkins I made more than 35 years ago...they don't seem to wear out. I like to use kitchen tablecloths too, especially to celebrate the different seasons.

woollywotnots said...

I love the beautiful vintage tin. I bet your home is a dream to admire!