Monday, March 1, 2010

A Giveaway to Celebrate my Blog's First Year!

The best way to celebrate Thoroughly Modern Vintage's anniversary is with a give away for which I have two thrifted items to send off to two lucky recipients. The first item is this lovely vintage brooch with enamelled white heather and lilac-coloured stones. It might be signed (with the stamp very smudged) or it might be a copy (?) or repaired version of an Exquisite brooch as it is slightly different on the back from the one in the link and the one that is already in my collection. What ever its provenance, it will add a delightful vintage touch to many an outfit and it is just lovely to look at!

My second item available is this wonderful cookbook in absolutely mint condition! I have the newer printing but when I found this 1996 version at the thrift store I knew that I needed to pass it on! I cook from the recipes in this book at least once a week and have mentioned the book in a previous post. Many of the recipes do require a pressure cooker to be truly quick, but I believe this piece of equipment from our grandmothers' kitchen is an excellent addition to our modern kitchens (in its updated form). I love how this book gives me the option to make healthy, quick and flavourful dishes even on days when I have little time to be in the kitchen.

Like Birthdays and New Years, anniversaries are a chance to look back at the past year and reflect. I have noticed there were long periods of time when I was not posting and I would prefer not to let that happen again! I started this blog to share things that I find, things that inspire me and what I make and I find a lot of pleasure in sharing. That pleasure is increased exponentially when I have feedback in the form of comments, so, to all who have commented, Thank-you! For readers who have not commented, please don't be so shy!

If you are interested in winning the brooch or the book, please leave a comment. If you do not have a blogger profile (with an email or blog) and do not wish to create one, please leave me an email address so that I will be able to contact you if you are the winner. Also, let me know if you would prefer the brooch or the book but if you cannot decide, I understand and could put you in both draws! I plan to do the draw on March 17, so that leaves everyone just over two weeks to enter.

I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you for your interest in my posts.


CurlyPops said...

Oooh how exciting! I would love to win that gorgeous brooch.

Julia said...

Congrats on making it one year in Blogville! That's an achievement. :)

I'd love to learn some Indian cooking. I love the flavors I just have no clue where to start! Please count me in.

Fine Hand said...

one year...where does the time fly? I love to experiment with Indian cooking.

Kate said...

Huge congratulations on your bloaversary! I'd love a chance to win the brooch. The other day my middle daughter said she was disappointed in me that I don't own a treasure chest. That brooch would be a great start to one. X

Jennifer Rose said...

happy blog birthday! :D that is a very pretty brooch :)

Tweed Delights said...

Hi Jenifir - just wanted to say congratulations on your one year bloggiversary! I won't enter the Giveaway as I'm not 'big' on wearing jewelery and have quite a few cookery books,(so would deprive someone who does!!) but just wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely encouraging comments on my blog the past year - I appreciate it a lot! Happy Bloggiversary! :)
Alison x

Susan L (lily40au) said...

i love brooches and indian .. my two favourites. thanks for the giveaway