Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back at Last

It has been almost a year since my last post. I do hope that I can be more regular in my updates this year; One of my resolutions, really! Things are much the same, with family life dominated by activity. Music and dance fill the days while I try to accomplish the essential domestic activities of food preparation and homekeeping. I still squeeze creative pursuits and treasure hunting (thrifting. mostly) whenever the opportunity presents itself, but I have missed sharing it with the world.
A recent find are these embroidered leather gloves, which will be perfect for warmer weather. Gloves seem to make a bit of a comeback in fashion every few years. There were some beautiful winter ones available last winter, as well as this season. In the climate in which I live, gloves are absolutely essential for almost half of the year. I believe it is a good policy to make what is necessary an asset. Of course, these gloves are not winter gloves but come from a time when a lady did not leave her home without hat and gloves. I will find use for these gloves, as even in late Spring, here in Ottawa, we may have days that vary widely in temperature, varying from early morning frosts to afternoon temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius.

The practise of wearing gloves comes pretty naturally to me: I wear them for protection from the elements, while in the garden, while washing the dishes, etc. and, as can be seen in this photo, it is a life-long habit. (More about this photo can be found here.)In my favourite style bible, Elegance, Mme. Dariaux states "Glove etiquette is not at all as complicated as many woman believe. In general, gloves should always be worn on the street but never indoors, except at the theatre, at a formal reception, or a ball. They should always be removed when eating, even if it is no more than a cocktail canape. But a lady never takes off her gloves in order to shake hands (unless, of course, they are very soiled gardening or riding gloves) and furthermore, she never needs to apologize for keeping them on." This last sentence, I hope applies to me, when I keep my gloves on when going into stores, where and when I might have cold hands, or when I wish to avoid touching door knobs and shopping carts (I am not a germophob but a certain amount of caution seems sensible). More information on wearing gloves can be found on my favourite vintage fashion blog, Couture Allure's Friday Charm School and another post in the same series of posts.

When I found these gloves, I also purchased this English JAJ Pyrex casserole. This is a pattern that I have never seen and will need to do some research to date it; I am thinking late 1960's. I hope to join the Pyrex Collective and benefit by all their enthusiasm and knowledge. I could spend hours searching through the Pyrex Love Flickr stream to see if others have posted pictures of the same pattern. This piece is quite large and will be perfect for casseroles and storing leftovers. With all the activity in this household, meal planning has included planning for leftovers(or making an extra meal for another day). The colourful vintage Pyrex, as other Pyrexics know, brings much pleasure to the everyday activities of preparing, serving and storing food.
I love how both vintage finds can so easily slip back into use in our modern world.


gardener-b said...

Welcome back to blogland. You have been missed. Loves those gloves.

Fine Hand said...

I have always loved gloves and cherish a pair of black leather ones that were my grandmothers - lovely!

Vonlipi said...

OMG that is one gorgeous JAJ casserole! Never seen one, lucky girl :)