Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Creative Space: Before and After the Sewing Studio Makeover

In all the years I have shared a home with my husband I have had a space to sew. At some times it was just a corner of a room and when we had only one child, it was my own sewing room. Having the space was good and decorating it was not really part of the thought process. The urge (or sometimes need) to make something was stronger than my need to control my environment. Or so I thought...

For the last seven and a half years that we have lived in our house, this has been my sewing space. It is in the basement, the walls are drywalled, there is flooring on the concrete and even a sewing counter left by the previous and original owners. I have blamed my lack of productivity on having four children, working part-time outside of the home and family health/injuries. My husband urged me to improve the room but I always said that we had other areas of our home that really needed our time and money.

I began to realize that the only time I was spending in this room was when I absolutely needed to or when the creative urge was so overwhelming, I did not care what the room was like. I really hated the pinky-beige paint on the walls and the green vinyl tiles on the floor. The storage had potential but was not complete and lacked purpose.

Despite the window providing good light (southern exposure), the life seemed to be sucked out by the colour scheme and the clutter. I think it looked like a candidate for the de-cluttering T.V. shows on HGTV and despite my interest in collecting and thrifting I do not see myself a clutter person. So after months of planning and two weeks of hard work the new studio is ready for viewing.

Of course, the pictures are really the best way to describe the room now but I can say it feels great just to be in the room. It feels like it will be easy to keep it (almost) this clean and amazingly almost all the supplies,etc. in the before pictures came back in the room.

Every notion, bits of trim and threads have a place. We have kept the counter and wall shelves in place but added or reconfigured the storage.

A large (&flattering) full length mirror is on the wall next to the drafting/cutting table. Storage carts are under the table's surface and contain patterns, thread and fabric. The picture rail holds rulers and a metal rail beneath it holds the metre stick and quilting frames.

A wall of Ivar shelving stores most of my fabrics, felted sweaters, books and has desk area for my computer or crafting. Be sure to check out other creative spaces at Kristy's blog.


frutejuce said...

Wow what a transformation. It looks a fab place to be now.

frutejuce said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. I love being immersed in this craft thing!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Thanks for your comments on my Blog, your new space looks fantastic, I love the turquoise on the walls, I'd love a space like that!