Friday, May 8, 2009

Cultivating Creativity

How do you encourage creativity? Provide a rich environment, protect from harm, encourage strong growth with selective editing, allow for cross pollination from exposure to others, support a little risk, acknowledge the set backs, shower with love and allow to bask in admiration. These conditions are ideal for creativity which thrives with nurturing just like a garden. Just like the master gardening that she is, my Mum encouraged my creativity to bloom.

My parents provided a safe and stable environment and while given a fair amount of freedom I was not allowed to go weedy. My Mum responded to my interest in sewing, cooking and gardening with gentle teaching and lots of opportunity for practise. My interest in drawing and painting was encouraged with lessons and materials. A love of ballet and music led to many hours of classes and lessons and miles of driving to get me there.

If my gardening analogy can be further indulged, parenting is like creating foundation plantings which will establish future habits of growth. It seems that any creative activities I partake in now have their roots in my childhood. With that in mind, I wish to thank my parents for having the vision that all gardeners have when it came to nurturing their children.

A special thanks today to my Mum with love and best wishes for her birthday and Mother's Day. Thanks for allowing creativity to germinate and bloom.


Karen said...

What a nice tribute to your Mom! I'll bet she'll love reading this. Happy Mother's Day to you as well! And thanks for sharing such pretty pictures of your garden!

gardener-b said...

Such a sweet little girl...probably just as sweet now that she's all grown up.