Monday, May 11, 2009

Print, Pattern & Something Creative

After reading a few posts on this blog it becomes apparent that I love pink and I am inspired by pattern. With the Internet I am allowed to indulge this predilection with abandon. A blog that I enjoy fairly frequently is print & pattern. On May 1 there was a post featuring a new Designers Guild - Fabrics & Wallpaper Collections, Furniture, Bed and Bath, Paint, and Luxury Home Accessories">pattern collection that ticks all my boxes: pink with green, re-worked retro graphic, and stylized florals. This habit is slightly addictive but probably better for you than actually going into the fabric stores where you might lose all objectivity. I think that some of the pleasure/purpose women find in shopping is hard-wired from our hunter-gatherer days when we needed to use intuition to find food and supplies for our families survival. We are always on the look-out for new or special things. If we understand this about ourselves, we can use these instincts thoughtfully and focus on necessary purchases and not be victims of consumerism.

My daughter was asked to do "something creative" in her application to participate in her high school's students council. At the suggestion of a friend, she decided that a literal approach would work best. She is a talented singer, french hornist, is taking drama and has been in community musicals but she was inspired by her baking muse.

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gardener-b said...

I love the idea of taking it literally...hope her school acknowledges the creative act of baking.