Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Creative Space: How I found religion with Amy Butler

I love Amy Butler's designs and would gladly spread them around my whole world so sometimes I just have to go and spread the word. This book does not contain all the secrets of life but it does look pretty. I am not really a paper crafter but I love the available supplies. Around the corner from my sewing studio, I have a curbside-find dresser with all my supplies: bone folder, various adhesives, cutting tools and embellishments. It takes up part of the laundry room/extra pantry space adjacent to the studio. When we have finished painting, etc. I will post photos.

The little book started out as an extra date book given to my husband by the local musician's union. Calendars become obsolete rather quickly and I had yet to find a purse size book for myself. The ugly, black plastic cover was a problem I could fix and Amy Butler showed me the way. Well not actually, but her paper and stickers inspired me! I used card stock sized paper which was a little short for the height of the booklet but that gave more reason to use the stickers. I also glued in a length of narrow pink ribbon to mark the pages. Of course, I need to work harder at daily observance of said book but that may take practise.

My post's subtitle is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reference to how design-centred are lives have become. For creative types, it has always been the case but for the rest of the world this is a new revelation that is fed by manufacturers and marketing. Organization is the saviour of our modern world! Organization is required for all the stuff we are encouraged to accumulate. I do believe things have gotten more than a little extreme with de-cluttering/organizing television shows and magazines devoted to this trend. In the end, it seems to suggest that more consumerism is the answer, the concept of which I do not agree. It is better to eliminate what truly is unnecessary and improve what remains. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, my modern vintage philosophy advocates organization and finding beauty in order, while trying to use what you already have. So here is my little kitchen 'desk' makeover before; a little cluttered looking and not pretty.

The Amy Butler effect here is covering the phone directories. I still prefer to look up a number in the books rather than online but I hate the way they look. We do not have cupboard or drawer space I was willing to devote to phone books so I think this solution works well. I used sheets of Amy's double-sided 12 x 12 scrapbook pad, using two sheets per directory, craft glue stick and my dymo label maker. I think that the overall effect is a big improvement. The pens, pencils and scissors etc. are all in two Ikea plant pots found at the Thrift store. The improved appearance should increase our motivation to keep the area attractive and functional.

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Anonymous said...

I love Amy Butler too. Love your crative space. I notice the Cath Kidston home file that I have too! I love all your storage baskets too! : )

Lucy Bowler said...

Hi Jenifir, I love the idea of covering the phone books - a much better look for them! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm delighted to hear you like my brooches as I'm very happy with them too! It's so lovely to get feedback about things I make. It was a busy week, it didn't seem that productive until I put the post together. No wonder I'm so tired now!

Leslie said...

I'm in love with Amy Butler too. Great creative space!

Bitterbetty said...

I think it was Amy Butler who made me start sewing again. I used one of your phone directory prints for a mod tunic here:

Gina said...

So fabulous to cover all the ugly books with some gorgeous prints. I didn't realise there was Amy Butler paper... there you go.

Chi Designs said...

hi jenifir,

thanks for your comment on my blog. :) the weather is strange here at the moment as we are currently in a drought and have water restrictions; however, this week it rained for 2 days straight and most of the city was flooded. very odd.

v. cute blog! i love your amy butler covered books.

c.raf.t said...

I agree with you!...and consumerism is making us buying bigger and bigger houses just to store all the stuff!
I love the phone directories with their new "dress"!I hate as well the original covers!

Tweed Delights said...

What a lovely idea to cover the phone books - they look great! Thank you for commenting on my blog - I'm still trying to balance family life with my crafting - it's a bit of a juggling act, but I love it :) I really admire your 'make do and mend' philosophy - it's very inspiring :D

Anonymous said...

I love your make-over! Fabulous idea covering the phone books. Must try to find some AB paper in Australia. Thanks for the inspiration.