Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Gifts part 2

Yesterday's post about gifts missed three essential elements: The first is the gratuitous cute kitten photo seen here. The second is the video clip of her on her first evening in our home which I still cannot get to work. The third is photographic evidence of number 4's fabulously awesome birthday gift: a brand new bike. Being the youngest of four he gets a lot of hand me downs but we do not get too many complaints so we did not mind making a new purchase of something that would not be handed down to a younger sibling. His new bike is of better quality than the one we had for his siblings and will be passed on to someone when he grows out of it. We also purchased it at an independent (family-owned, I think)store rather than a big box outlet. The sales staff were far more informed, the bike was properly assembled, we have complementary servicing for the next two years and we are supporting our local economy more directly. The process is certainly more like how our grandparents approached it yet the impact is positively modern.

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