Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Gifts

You may have seen this face before(check out my profile photo) and while our family is still in birthday mode I thought that I might make a comment about gifts. The feline face belongs to Clara who is by far the best gift ever. Three years ago, my wonderful husband surprised me with a trip to choose and purchase a Himalayan kitten. Although there were siblings, it was instant bonding with this little girl. She has delighted the whole family with her curiosity, playfulness and beauty, her most important quality has been her commitment to keeping me company as I go about my day. The general advice is to never give pets as birthday gifts but that must apply mostly to young children and not a mother of four who knows a thing or two about responsibility for others. I have received many practical and wanted gifts (this year my lap top, my Pfaff sewing machine at 21 and my Husquavarna 17 years later) but Clara has been a gift of pure pleasure for which I happily and frequently thank my husband.

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