Thursday, March 26, 2009

Care Packages

It has been over a week since my last post which is not a habit that I want to slip into. Our family is getting a little burnt out by end of winter illness so my Mum's care package to me is just what the doctor ordered. The package is a late birthday gift. It was a late because the main gift is home-made and my mother has also had more than her share of illness this winter. Of course I benefited by its lateness because I received a book gift-card in time for my actual birthday so I have been very blessed this year. Its contents include organic cotton napkins(with decorative stitching added by my Mum), napkins made by my Mum, a pasta maker, newly made(my Mum) linen/cotton blend tea towels, Bon Ami cleanser,Junk Style Magazine (with DVD),ClothPaperScissors Studio Magazine(Fall) and Quilting Arts Stitch Magazine and the following items from her local thrift store: a white linen damask tablecloth, a full,wrap-style apron and a book on the Cathedrals of England. I will write more about the pasta maker and the thrifted items in a future post.
The household cleanser I grew up using does not seem to be available in my part of Canada. This product is effective,environmentally safe and generally pleasant to use but I need to ask my Mum to send me a regular supply. I find new linen tea towels impossible to find and thrifted ones are almost as scarce. Linen is far better for drying glassware so I really appreciate my Mum's gift. The tablecloth in the background is also linen with embroidery done by Mum ( and her magic sewing machine).

I grew up using cloth napkins including with my bag lunches at school. We actually wear out our cloth napkins so I am always happy to replenish our collection. Mum found the organic napkins and embellished them to match the blue of the wall in the kitchen and red handles of some of my vintage kitchen tools. The others are edged with a simple blue rolled hem.

I love magazines but cannot possibly buy all that I would like to read. I like to share my library of favourites and my Mum is generous with hers. The Studios is especially appreciated and timely as we have almost completed the sewing studio makeover.

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Fine Hand said...

might have to borrow a few of those magazines! wonderful care package..