Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Soda Bread, better late than....

Here is the soda bread I made earlier today. Given the Irish heritage on both sides of the family, the kids wanted me to do something for St. Patrick's Day. While I find the whole green beer and everyone "being" Irish a bit ridiculous, I do like the opportunity for people to reflect on their heritage and appreciate the traditions of our immigrant society. I used my Mum's family recipe adapted for gluten and egg-free requirements but in the end, they kids did not want to eat the bread. My husband and I are enjoying the soda bread very much; for me, it was pure comfort food. I placed the cooling rack over a Irish linen tea towel that I thrifted. I have often wondered why such items end up at the thrift store: why would you not use such a useful item that is also beautiful? Of course I am just as happy that they do especially as new linen tea towels are nearly impossible to find. Here are some Irish facts about me: my middle name is Irish for Mary, I have grey eyes, I play the flute (which after the harp ties with violin as the national instrument of Eire), fish and chips would be my favourite comfort food if I could still eat it (anaphylactic to seafood, fish and eggs), I have been told that I can tell a story, my beautiful sister looks like she is a cast member of Riverdance (I missed out on the red hair) but I hate drinking beer!

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