Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Book Shelf Make-over

Well its not spring yet, but my Christmas Cactus is blooming again and keeping the Gerberas company and the African Violets are soon to join them. Their vibrancy reminds me that I won't be waiting I had better get to thoses indoor projects! This is a rather sad corner in our family room: the fish tank is empty, the ceiling above needs a patch and the bookshelf is over-stuffed. We need to fix the ceiling before we can bring back fish. We can tackle the shelf. Editing out the books could have been a solution but I keep adding to my collection of cookbooks.

This is a collecting problem that does not often get complaints from other family members; if I am interested in my cookbooks, the results are appreciated. The ultimate solution was to repurpose the bookshelf in another room and order a new bookshelf from Ikea. We put this off for awhile as we live in the opposite end of the city. Fate intervened and we had to go to the store to buy a new floor for the sewing room (stay tuned for that make-over) and because it was such an amazing price we also ordered the bookshelf. The flat-packs arrived at a location much closer to our house and much sooner than expected. As a couple, we have survived over 21 years of Ikea assembly so the shelves were soon ready for dressing. The shelf spaces are adjustable and my vintage cookbooks have their own space with grow room. The DVD's have neat and tidy boxes and a favourite photo invites us to look. I think the result may inspire me to jump into Spring Cleaning.

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