Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 15: On the Shelf

I have accomplished a recent bit of rearranging to display some of my evening bags on a shelf in our dressing room. A dressing room you say! It is not as fancy as it sounds and was fairly common in houses of this age (late 1960's). It is quite compact with room only for a built in vanity and chair with our actual closet also very modest in proportions. We also have an en suite bathroom but it is nothing like the huge en suites that many new houses contain. However, this post is really about what is on this shelf and I will show more of the dressing room some time in the future.

I collect vintage evening bags and since I do not often have occasion to use them, I really love seeing them on a daily basis. I will create a more detailed post about the individual purses with better detailed photos and as much information as I can find. Also on the shelf are photos of my four children when they were much younger, a little Limoges miniature and some headpieces and costume jewellery on a counter-top towel stand. The towel stand makes a perfect storage rack and adds height to the overall display is a re-purposed thrift store find.

Since this post is about what is 'on the shelf', I thought that this shelf on the bottom of the plate rack in the kitchen is an important addition. This collection of red-handled kitchen gadgets is also one that I like to see every day. Some of my collection are usually on display in this spot although I have also displayed other things here. The kitchen tool collection also warrants a more detailed description or maybe a series of posts. To view what is 'on the shelf' of other bloggers, go see the meme My Place & Yours at Punky & Me.

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gardener-b said...

Love vintage evening bags. They are like art pieces and should be on display. Your collection is in such an appropriate location. Enjoy!