Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 7: Back to Vintage

With continued summer-like weather, I have been enjoying hanging out freshly laundered tablecloths to dry in the sun and thinking of the al fresco refreshments that could be served with this vintage wire glass holder. Unfortunately, one of the glasses has one piece broken off and is missing its charming cosy. Glue for china does not work on glass. Are there other suggestions? I love the swan pattern and would guess that it is from the 1940's but likely post-war. I will have to ask Barbara at Oodles and Oodles who often showcases vintage glassware on her fabulous blog. The wonderful thing about the blog world is that if you collect something, most likely someone else does too and they usually like sharing pictures and information.

I like to collect vintage purses -well maybe not just vintage, but that is another post! This black crocheted purse has an expanding capped closure. I have seen this closure on bags from the early 20th century but the black crochet body of the purse really suggests war time materials. Is it possibly a homemade bag using earlier hardware? Up-cycling from a different time?

In my collection of purse related items (and vintage ephemera) I have this booklet published in 1945. It has instructions for purses made using similar methods and materials. This is just a photograph of the cover but I may scan some of the pictures for a future post. This ebay link shows some of the pages.

With continued summer temperatures forecast for the rest of the weekend, I need to ponder whether I will make a traditional turkey dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday. The forecast suggests that we could even eat outside. Maybe I will use the glass holder (minus the broken glass).

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The booklet on handbags looks should show the pages on one of your blogs