Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 19: Displaying Tea Towels

After posting pictures of two vintage tea towels in beautiful Autumn colours, a follower, Gardener-b, asked if I had any ideas about displaying tea towels that I liked too much to use for their intended purpose. I understand how some towels might hold sentimental value or are just so fantastic a design to see them fade with use. I answer that question with this idea: use a vintage, wooden pant/skirt hanger to hang it on a wall or, as in this case, the side of a pantry cabinet at the entrance of my kitchen. Another idea that would be fairly simple to execute would be to use strong, simply designed magnets to display it on your refrigerator. This would not work for our family of six as that magnetic surface is in use as a command/information centre. Other possible ideas can be found here and here. If you do not mind sewing them, a cushion or an apron are good possibilities -I have used a new Christmas tea towel from TAG to make a cute holiday hostess apron. I particularly like this idea because you can change up your favourites and even have clothes pegs that could work. Any other ideas out there?

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gardener-b said...

Thanks for the links...I think I am now ready to dig these beautiful towels out of storage.