Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 6: More Totally Thrifted Wardrobe

Today has been busy and although I had few thrift finds, my camera battery died after my husband took this picture. For anyone who loves my vintage kitchen finds or things that I have made, fear not those posts are just around the corner. Instead, another fashion post: A linen suit from Talbot's with brown leather belt, also from Talbot's, a blue linen blouse and a Liberty chiffon scarf in my hair all thrifted! The suit and belt were found at my favourite Nearly New Shoppe were the pants and jacket had been separated and the pants were on a $2 rack and I was able to remember seeing them when I was trying on the jacket. I do not remember which thrift stores provided the blouse or scarf but I find both very useful. I love wearing a jacket. If the fit is good, it really pulls a look together and gives flattering definition to my figure: petite with curves. Looking at the photo, I realize that I should shorten the sleeves slightly and I might benefit from some modelling tips. The blouse is sleeveless which is my go to style in the summer. In combination with a jacket, you are usually able to manage any temperature variations that you might encounter. The look inspired by Out of Africa and Grace Kelly in Mogambo has been a recurring theme in my summer wardrobe since an early eighties ad campaign of Ralph Lauren. I have looked for images on Google but have yet to find anything more than the images repeated for his paint line. I wonder if anyone else remembers that campaign, what year it was and who photographed it?

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